by Beast Within the Sound


Preproduction from the upcoming album Eternal Conflict


Bitter is the taste of the truth

One day we did art
then we've failed
than we had to sign
that contract that condemned us
an now we cry on a field
and we are trying to replant
that strange form of a life

Lumberjack 2x


With these hands we put down
What was in our way
We went this far just to see
Burning down trees
And now we are back
With the saw in our hands
We are here to cut
We don’t give a fuck

Deforest! Devastate! Our nature is so great!


Burned for tons of waste
Cut for wasted minds
Slash and burn have some fun
Before you gotta run
Planet’s doing good
This is just for us
Sand is not enough
Ash is not a half

Blood of a waterfall
With a chairlift to the top
when a burning sun
reaches the north and the cold
Get your desert get your sand
Join the golden ash
And the damned


Deforest! Devastate! Human nature is so great! . . . .

Those in the clouds are a mystery that never was known to me

Broken bones become stronger
When they heal

Cut from the left and Cut from the right.... Lumberjack
Cut from the top and cut from the bottom... Lumberjack
Cut from the left and Cut from the right Cut from the top and cut from the bottom Lumberjack
We gonna fall and come to the sea.... Lumberjack


released March 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Beast Within the Sound Prague, Czech Republic

We are few guys playing metal!

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