Eternal Conflict

by Beast Within the Sound

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released May 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Beast Within the Sound Prague, Czech Republic

We are few guys playing metal!

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Track Name: Save The Amazon
Bitter is the taste of the truth

One day we did art then we've failed

than we had to sign

that contract that condemned us

and now we cry on a field

and we are trying to replant

that strange form of a life

Lumberjack 2x


With these hands we’ve put down

What was on our way

We went this far just to see

Burning down trees

And now we are back

With the saw in our hands

We are here to cut

We don’t give a fuck

Deforest! Devastate! Our nature is so great!


Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Fuck the Lumberjacks

Burned for tons of waste

Nothing more to eat

Slash and burn have some fun

Before you gotta run

Planet’s doing good

This is just for us

Sand is not enough

Ash is not on the a half

Money will consume you

With your chairlift to the top

when the burning sun

reaches the north and the cold

You’ll get your desert your wish

To join the golden ash

And the damned


Deforest! Devastate! Human nature is so great! . . . .

Those in the clouds are a mystery that never was known to me

was never known to me ….

Broken bones become stronger when they heal!

Cut from the left and cut from the right.... Fuck the lumberjacks

Cut from the top and cut from the bottom... Fuck the lumberjacks

Cut from the left and cut from the right cut from the top and cut from the bottom Lumberjack

We only gonna fall with the last tree - Fuck that Lumberjacks

Save....Save the Amazon! Protect the Amazon!

Proteger a Amazônia!

Proteger el Amazonas!

Спасете Амазония!
Спасете Амазония!
Track Name: Problem? Problem Solved!
Hehehe - Laaaaaihlllll

I don’t respect your

way of expressing

This is what comes now

Into your ears

I’m not machine

I do what I like to do

I love my freedom, can’t take it from me

I got the mic so I say what I wanna say

If you dare listen you know what I need

Now do you see me

Now do you get me

If you want something

It’s not that easy

Your head is too big

So Sorry my friend

Brilliant opinion

I just don’t fuckin’ care

I don’t give a damn

I pleased you but you didn’t pleased me

And you see that the beast ain’t nuttin’ ta fuck wit

No that’s not the way it goes my friend

That’s not the way I am running this shop

Next time you gotta try

much harder to impress me

Now get your ass up back to your resort

Choose the next victim and that’s way how it should be

Track Name: Eternal Conflict (feat. Baris from Dolor)
After you saw it flying around

you asked the sky and the sun to shine

Let the theories fly

Let them be useless and worthless

Let the air blow to your eyes

Let the water flow to the lungs

To the lungs To the lungs

To the ground and to the air

Time to hammer it down

Paradoxes going through

Keep in it more complicated

How the fuck you want to explore the whole cellular structure

And to the air and to the light again…makes no sense now

Send me a letter before you kiss the sky

Before you kiss the sky

Before you kiss the sun

Two headed snake in your vision

Makes you sick

Kills your structure

Chaos is all there is chaos

Deep inside of you

Detonations under us

Magnetic movements quaking the structure

Deforming all that you knew

You will never know who’s the smartest of all

Will you pass through the waves and storm…and through the storm

Still when you step into the conflict

You better choose your side wisely

Cause we won’t be

Trading with life

And we won’t be your umbrella

Enemies for life

Eternal conflict

Eternal conflict rises

Paradoxes going through

Keep in it more complicated

How the fuck you want

to explore the whole cellular structure
Track Name: The Robbery (feat. Roman from Diphteria)
Here we go with the nasty plan

We now need to collect a lot

To destroy the wars around

We got all we need

Once and for all

We gonna stop it

Cause we know how to deal with it

Once and for all

We gonna stop it

We gonna stop it now

First hit!

Going down to the casino!

Black jack magic 21

For a lotta times

2nd we throw the dice

trying to live our lifes

Blinding feeding

system smiling

we are about to try

We hit the jackpot

Put the cash in a bag

Kisses baby we gotta go

You know we love you too

London calling Lloyds is the next

We are getting back what you stole

Bank robbery with an invisible hand

That’s what we got for you

Blinded cameras, budgetary deficit

Hyperinflation time to sell

Blinded cameras watch your sins

Your freedom has been taken

Away...they don’t regret

So why I should be your slave


3rd hit middle east

Stealing weapons

Buying weapons

Getting them all to the bag

We want ‘em all and we want them now

We will collect ‘em all

So We can drive them out of this world

Boom Bang with the guns burn with the fire

We never stop until all is wasted

Boom bang with the guns burn with the fire

We never walk the same way again

Once I run away I’m invisible

You can call me using black hole phones

Systematically you’ll be going down

I was gone ‘bout the time you heard the shot

That one is hard!

Stealing spaceship ain’t an easy one

boom boom with the fire

We got the spaceship

Now it’s time to load it up

Time to fly to space with it 2x
Track Name: True and Love
Ква ли е съдбата

На този който сам си я твори

Извличам всички корени

От пясъци със тръни

Обсипан съм сол

А огнения обръч пак се върти и трие в петите

Претапя грешките и те хвърля във ямата бездънна и черна

Ти си крачката която променя

И тя променя и света

И пламъка в сърцето ти

Водата ще тече и ще тече отново

Защото там където е била там ще бъде пак

И ще те тече докато сме тук

Тя ще измива оковите с кръв

И ще върви напред и напред

Твойто проклятие остава за теб

Сега разбра ли, че си жив? Усети ли жегата?

Ние непрадаваме твоето име

Всичко коете предстои ще замине

Ние сме гащите ти си парите, дай маратонките купи си кокиче
Track Name: Ultimate Freedom
Raise The Stakes - Raise Raise

And set your hate - Hate

cause your life without answer always was like fucking cancer

Call me demise

and you can enter to locked doors

Only one blind can see the lies

Behind the acting bones

in the fears of war

cut that flower and slowly taste the sweet breath of death

Deceit will not prevail 2x

now you need someone to blame but no one hears your serenade

raise the stakes - raise raise raise

and set you hate - hate hate

so much to give and so much to sell

tell me what's sin

when your life is hell.... neutralize

every feeling which always


about resistance against existence

Had her in mind withering... dividing colours

then she fell into a shadow of an old friend

When i met her first time she was wearing blue and red

Sun was shining with her no clouds nowhere

Call me the Rise

And we can change this infinite game

that closed her eyes

TIME forgot her selfish name

so let’s celebrate that freakin’ day

of the sickness birth

And plan a date

with hangman’s unmerciful mirth and look how wide this river is now

deceit will not prevail

show your scars and rename all the stars

Beat the shackles of motionless face

Follow the rusting glass on your painless trace

Silhouettes of water everywhere missing

and you searching for one shadow of blessing

there is no sacrifice there ain’t no fall guy

For all your failures

there is no consolation when your waiting room

hears your wail

and turns it into a jail

The faith, The tear fading

Souls and dust

Stories of the six realms

Stories of the blue beams

mistakes, chaos around,

Find your way, Find your gate

Hard to take and hard to make

Freedom is awake and the deepest lake

Can devour, can give a life

Start to swim and start to scream

you will get out of the jail

Raise The Stakes - Raise Raise

And set your hate - Hate

So much to give and so much to take

This is your life and this is our faith
Track Name: Leaves of Pleasure (feat. Skori from Exorcizphobia)
So you say there’s falling weed from above

We were fooled by the same mistake

Lira’s playing for the scorched man

Who was stoned and shitfaced

Seek for the truth

Leaves of Pleasure

Find the misery of the stoned

Leaves of Pleasure

Listen to the order of the dope

No matter if you are homeless or the pope

Aren’t you hungry check the fridge

If you’re a pothead it means you’re rich

And we have all the finest seeds

Tomatoes I’ll be growing by the sea

Hey punk

Sing that shit

Leaves of Pleasure

Everybody loves bananas

Leaves of Pleasure

Listen to the words of the pope

He sounds like he is really stoned

Aren’t you thirsty?

The sixpack waits! Beer and weed are best friends!

This goes out for all the family and friends

Rise of Surya, Diphteria and the Vibrathor boys!

It also goes out for Exorcizphobia, Last Hope Sofia and

Carniphicine from Lisboa and Damaia


Every feeling powered up

Fallen cities drowned in chocolate

Praise the lord for the herb

Praise the funny funny

Pink - Elephant

Now - Check your hand

Year - that is huge

White - fuckin’ mouse

Puke - on the street

Boobs - that are huge

Who cares about my sober head

Gimme some smoke or I’ll soon be dead

Wisdom from a baby drummer

You are high like MC hammer

This man is so evil he’s a drummer he’s a baby

Wisdom is deceiving from that evil baby man

Dude I was really high

Leaves of pleasure 4x
Track Name: El Magnifico
Put your hands up

Put your pants down

Cut your heads off

Fuck your ass up

I ran into fight with my head in front

What you say to me? I’m just too crazy..

I stand in the front so kick me in the nuts

I watch the bets 5 hours a day

I can’t exist with no family and no friends

Life can’t exist with no family and no friends

Put your hands up

Put your pants down

Watch win a bottle watch me go crazy

My weapons are lethal but I’m deep in shit

Bad to the bone and fuck the scene

Thank you that is me and who are you

I found a shit on my back fuckin seat

My lyrics suck more than anyone’s

I can’t exist with no family and no friends

Life can’t exist with no family and no friends

Are you ready for that sheet

Yeeehaaa Arriba

I fly now like a bird to the sky

Let me see the bird in me

This is fucked like a burning light

Give me the guts and let’s fucking play

You can’t stand the way we are and we will be so go eat a:



Put your hands up!

Put your pants down!

Cut your heads off!

Fuck your ass up!

Cut your heads off!

Fuck your ass up!

Put your hands up!

Put your pants down!

Cut your heads off!
Fuck your ass up!